Maintenance of Boiler, Oil, Gas and Air Conditioning

Welcome to our website The technical-construction company Philadelphia-Energy is an independent company founded in 2004. The services that provide and offers are: boiler maintenance, maintenance of gas burners, issuing of upkeep (shared maintenance expenses), electromechanical projects, installation and maintenance of cooling and heating machines, plumbing activities, drain work (plumbing), natural gas, water and sewage treatment, He possesses the necessary knowledge in the space to meet the necessary requirements for burner maintenance, maintenance of natural gas burners, maintenance of cooling and heating systems, Home or profesional business work space. Only in our company you will find such advantageous prices without sacrificing quality! Look here what can happen when you do not maintain your burner!

We specialize in heating, cooling, and building management!

Burner maintenance is essential for you because this way you get back:

  • The money from the oil that is lost every day without even heating up your space, if the burner does not work properly.
  • The money you pay to change more often the damaged facility due to poor maintenance.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

The effects of a poorly maintained air conditioner on our health are not so enjoyable. Especially for vulnerable groups such as the elderly, children, and chronic patients with respiratory problems. Watch the video below and you will understand what is inhaled.

From proper maintenance of your system you will win the following:

  • The money from electricity without even cooling or warming you up!
  • The clean air you breathe around you your surroundings and your family.
  • Do not lose any more time, at those difficult days you need a good partner! Call us to find you an economic and immediate solution to the area you want.

Our aim is always for you to be satisfied with the results of our work, and continuous update to the problems your may occure.

The services that are offered by Philadephia Energy:

  • Studies and installations of electromechanical projects and renewable energy sources.
  • Issue of an energy performance certificate.
  • Studies and installations of gas and liquefied petroleum gas.
  • Installation and maintenance of oil, gas and liquefied petroleum gas burners.
  • Boiler heating automations and heating autonomies.
  • Installations and maintenance of air conditioners.
  • Renovations.
  • Management of apartments and buildings.

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